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Selling or not selling is a matter of numbers.

The more prospects we get, the more chances we have of closing sales

In other words, prospecting is the key task of any sales program.

The problem with prospecting is that it is an expensive, tedious and ungrateful task: many «No», few «Yes».

To this we must add another problem: more than 90% of companies worldwide are microenterprises (10 employees or less) or small businesses (50 employees or less). And microenterprises are, by far, the majority (sources:, etc, etc).

Which means that you are probably a microenterprise or a small business, and/or that the channels with which you are trying to sell probably are too. And that is why the key task of prospecting the market is not performed, or it is inefficiently done.

The result is ... that there are no results.

It's frustrating, but it's a matter of fact.

But it is what almost always happens when a company tries to sell outside, in other markets, and must rely on channels in those markets.

The 6 tasks I do in my method - whose name is exselling® - aim at changing this sad reality.

The exselling® method is the result of my experience of more than 33 years in selling information technology and communications products and services.

In the following section ("exselling") I briefly explain the 6 tasks I do by following this method, which I have designed especially for micro and small businesses ... for companies like yours.


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